Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mini Lolita Hats x3

WAH! I made this lolita hat a few months back and really i found it quite easy and fun. Hmmm at the time the was no tutorials for lolita hats and so i had to eye it and use my creativity to try and make the lolita hats and well i found it really easy, not hard at all, but it was REALLY long as you have to measure it perfectly or the hat won't fit together or what not x] but i like how it turned out ^.^
The first one i made was this pink one, it's soooooo small and cute ^.^

If you guys want i can try to make a tutorial for this x3 but i will try my best x3
Well that was fun and easy so i decided to make another ^.^ but in GREEN x3

Both looks almost the same but lol oh wells it's still pretty ^.^
Well hope you liked this post laa

1 comment:

  1. :O you made hats,, u neva told me >.<

    they r AWESOMEE !!! xD
    heehee ^u^