Monday, 18 April 2011

Deco cookies x3

Lala, for the past few weeks or so i have been trying out air dry clay, and i REALLY love using it x3
Here are some deco cookies i have made hope you enjoy la x3

Sunday, 27 March 2011

New Charms!

26th March 2011,

I got bored and got a few orders to make, so i decided to make new charms,
Want a tutorial? Ask me lala x3
Here are the picturess x3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Untidy Blog

Yh i know my blog is really untidy and ugly atm but bare with me i'm still tying to get use to this blog thing x33
Lalalala i really want to do loads of charms and deco den things but well i'm poor and i haven't even started with these things Dx Failness!
Well yea bare with meeeeeeee!


LOL well yess here is two extra charms i madeee hmmm looks funny x33

Wooooooooo Ghost x33

Saturday, 19 March 2011


LOL just a continue of the old post of charms x33


I just recently got my clay, and LORD I HAVE BEEN ON A CHARM MAKING MISSION!
LOL i made like 10 charms within an hour hehe, sooo fun!
Gaaaa well here are some charms x33
If you want some tutorials just ask ^.^

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Drawings x3333

Well not much to be honest, la just a few old/new drawings x3
Enjoy my lovely ^.^

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


In the 2010 summer holidays....IT WAS SO BORING T.T so i decided to like make some stuff and well i was looking around some tutorials on you tube and well i stumbled across someone's video with loads of CUTE plushies x3 so i decided to make some...please note they wasn't very good because I'm rubbish are sewing T.T

YES....I know these are PRETTY bad looking...oh wells at least i tried lol..but i didn't stop there.. OH NO I DIDN'T x3 a few weeks ago while my computer was infected by a gay virus i gt bored and decided to make plushies out of my 8packs of felt..LOL! well yhh i made an egg a heart and a funny looking MARSHMALLOW x3 

Don't they look cuteeeeee x3 
They are actually phone charms, lala well yes that's all ^.^


Mini Lolita Hats x3

WAH! I made this lolita hat a few months back and really i found it quite easy and fun. Hmmm at the time the was no tutorials for lolita hats and so i had to eye it and use my creativity to try and make the lolita hats and well i found it really easy, not hard at all, but it was REALLY long as you have to measure it perfectly or the hat won't fit together or what not x] but i like how it turned out ^.^
The first one i made was this pink one, it's soooooo small and cute ^.^

If you guys want i can try to make a tutorial for this x3 but i will try my best x3
Well that was fun and easy so i decided to make another ^.^ but in GREEN x3

Both looks almost the same but lol oh wells it's still pretty ^.^
Well hope you liked this post laa

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I have REALLY been into making jewellery items these days and i find it really interesting researching around about how to make some jewellery and polymer clay charms.
I haven't really bought any clay yet so i haven't made any charms, but I'm planning to soon x3
I was really inspired by DSK jewellery with her jewellery so i tried to make one
I bought some crystals of ebay ( they aren't real btw lol) and made them into necklace to sell for a few friends who wanted it x3
And then i later made some other stuff like bracelets and earrings and  random necklaces and other jewellery things x3
Here are the pictures of them x3

Well this is most of my jewellery so far....I SHALL MAKE MORE x3....out of polymer clay...LOL