Wednesday, 9 March 2011


In the 2010 summer holidays....IT WAS SO BORING T.T so i decided to like make some stuff and well i was looking around some tutorials on you tube and well i stumbled across someone's video with loads of CUTE plushies x3 so i decided to make some...please note they wasn't very good because I'm rubbish are sewing T.T

YES....I know these are PRETTY bad looking...oh wells at least i tried lol..but i didn't stop there.. OH NO I DIDN'T x3 a few weeks ago while my computer was infected by a gay virus i gt bored and decided to make plushies out of my 8packs of felt..LOL! well yhh i made an egg a heart and a funny looking MARSHMALLOW x3 

Don't they look cuteeeeee x3 
They are actually phone charms, lala well yes that's all ^.^


1 comment:

  1. I want onneeee >.<
    if only i made sumin so we can trade,, im still broke :'(

    always soo creative :D