Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I have REALLY been into making jewellery items these days and i find it really interesting researching around about how to make some jewellery and polymer clay charms.
I haven't really bought any clay yet so i haven't made any charms, but I'm planning to soon x3
I was really inspired by DSK jewellery with her jewellery so i tried to make one
I bought some crystals of ebay ( they aren't real btw lol) and made them into necklace to sell for a few friends who wanted it x3
And then i later made some other stuff like bracelets and earrings and  random necklaces and other jewellery things x3
Here are the pictures of them x3

Well this is most of my jewellery so far....I SHALL MAKE MORE x3....out of polymer clay...LOL 

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  1. -_- ^^

    the things that wasted most of my money ....

    i still love them thooo >o<
    i cant wait till you make charms n stuff :DDD